Scientifique Knowledge Journal, covers various specialties, published quarterly by the University west of Iarivo, it aims to be, as a flagship review and a reference for several areas of research (Letters and Human Sciences, Social Sciences, Economic Sciences, management and business, Education Sciences, Health Sciences and Technology …), it is led by a group of experts and researchers from various universities around the world. The journal is a receptacle for all original and innovative contributions. Strengthened by its editorial freedom, The Knowledge Journal opens up new opportunities to meet the challenges of more open access to the results of research in multiple sciences. This means the possibility, for any researcher, of publishing their results, the independence of evaluations, the competition of research trends, the accessibility of publications to the greatest number of readers concerned (teachers, researchers and post-graduate students ). These are the reasons why this journal will undoubtedly be placed in the world of quality academic publications. It will also be a tool for valuing new experiences, for recognizing by peers the work of researchers, for analyzing and critically examining scientific production. Finally, as a multidisciplinary journal, The Knowledge Journal collects its articles every month for varia issues and through calls for contributions for thematic issues. The proposed articles are selected according to impartial criteria of publication, approved by its scientific and editorial committees.


The Knowledge, is a scientific journal that appears quarterly, among these objectives:

  • The publication of research and innovative studies in various fields;
  • Strengthening scientific and thoughtful links between laboratories and research establishments around the world;
  • Encouraging research and studies that accompany scientific development
    The contribution to scientific renaissance around the world;
  • The journal focuses on the involvement of teachers and researchers around the various human, social, economic, literary, historical, environmental, health, educational and technological causes;
  • The journal combines the publication of studies and articles which have originality and scientific standards known internationally.

Finally, the journal accepts all research written in the English, Arabic and French languages ​​which fall within all scientific fields