Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, the journal is academic, it is published by the University West of Iarivo

Yes, the Knowledge Scientific Journal Multidisciplinary Electronic is international, it has the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN): 2708-3527, it is indexed in many international databases, its scientific and editorial committee is composed of many professors, doctors and researchers from various international universities, and the published research is written in trilingual format by researchers of several nationalities and universities

Generally, when a new submission is made, the duration of its processing is 30-60 days, depending on the field that the article deals with, we give great importance to the quality of the article and its scientific contribution, it is important to know that the scientific evaluation of the article is a crucial step in the editorial process, except for the predatory journals that the processing is very short (1 to 2 days) because in reality they do not process.

Not at all, we are a scientific journal published by an academic and scientific body which is the University West of Iarivo, and we give great importance to the editorial process, you can at any time check the predatory journals from this site: :

We do not write articles, and we do not offer this kind of service, but we do recommend service providers (experienced professors and researchers) who can provide you with guidance during the realization of your scientific article if you need it (optional),
We are a scientific journal that only manages the editorial process until the publication of the scientific article.

We only have a $30 fee that the journal collects, and that is only on research that is definitively accepted for publication, so other options are displayed, but collected by third-party partners who offer the escort service and the latter is optional. (except for the researchers who need it)

The journal is multidisciplinary, so it publishes in various fields, we have a multidisciplinary editorial and scientific committee that evaluates the submitted articles.