The Knowledge Scientific Journal covers various specialties, published semi-annually by the University West of Iarivo, it aims to be a flagship journal and a reference for several domains of research, it is directed by a set of experts and researchers from various universities around the world.

Promoting scientific research
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Scientific domains of the journal

As its name indicates, it is a multidisciplinary scientific journal that publishes in various scientific and academic fields: Humanities and Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Education Sciences, Sciences and Technology, Economics, Management and Business Sciences

The journal offers teachers, post-graduate students and researchers of different specialties the opportunity to publish their research, studies and scientific articles

An international academic journal published by the University West of Iarivo

The indexes of the journal

The Knowledge Scientific Journal Multidisciplinary Electronic is indexed in various international databases of scientific reviews and periodicals.

The journal accepts all research written in English, Arabic and French in all scientific fields