Conditions and standards of publication

Terms of publication

  1. The Knowledge Scientific Journal is interested in research and studies that have objectivity and methodology, and those that have known scientific originality, and that meet the standards of publication, and those that make a scientific contribution.
  2. Articles proposed for publication must not be previously published or already proposed for publication in other journals;
  3. The articles must be sent as Microsoft Word files;
  4. The article should not exceed 15 pages, including the list of references (bibliography) and appendices, and should not be less than 10 pages in length;
  5. Accompanying the article with two abstracts (maximum 300 words), one in the language of the article and the other in another language, citing key words (maximum 6 words);
  6. Concerning field studies (surveys). It is preferable that the Author cite the following elements: (the problem, theories and previous studies, hypotheses, limitations of the study, methodology, sample, investigation tools, statistical techniques, interpretation of results and recommendations, conclusion, bibliography, annexes)
  7. It is forbidden to republish a research or a study in another scientific journal after approval of publication in the journal, as it is allowed under permission of Director of the journal to republish the article or study in the framework of a researcher’s book, and it is obligatory to cite in the book that it is already published in the journal ;
  8. The journal has the right to make certain corrections to the form of the article proposed for publication (formatting) without affecting the content;
  9. The journal does not return articles not accepted for publication;
  10. The substance of the articles published in the journal expresses the opinion of their owners, and they do not necessarily represent the opinion of the journal;
  11. In case of partial or total reproduction in the article, of a document or an illustration already published, the written authorization of the editor or the authors must be imperatively provided.
  12. The fact that the researcher sends his article to the Evaluation Committee is a personal oath of acquittal of any scientific corruption and he alone assumes any legal proceedings;

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Publication standards

The article must meet the following standards:

    1. It is necessary that the sent version is written with the font ” Simplified Arabic ” font size ” 12 ” and the titles ” 14 ” in bold for the Arabic language, and ” Times New Roman ” font size ” 12 “, and the titles ” 14 ” in bold for the languages: English or French;
    2. It is preferable to adopt the international reference standard when writing the Article (APA), this means to indicate the source at the end of the paragraph, for example: (Author’s Name, First Name, Year, Page), and at the end of the article the bibliographic list, in alphabetical order according to the Author’s Name;
    3. Bibliography not exceeding 25 references, preferably recent;
    4. The references in the language of the article should be placed at the beginning and after those in other languages;
    5. In the case of not knowing the first name of the author, we write (W.A) which means “Without Author”;
    6. In the case of not knowing the date of publication, we write (W.D) in brackets which means “Without Date”.
    7. The iconographic documents, photographs, tables or figures must be clear. The tables will be numbered in order of appearance in the text, as will the figures (graphs, drawings or photographs).
    8. Concerning the formatting of the page, for the margins adopting: 2.5 cm for all sides, line spacing: 1.15 cm, and page size 21*29.7 cm (A4) ;
    9. Before the writing of the article, the author gives his name, surname, scientific degree, institution, e-mail address and the abstract with the language of the article, and the abstract with another language.

Editorial process

Step 1
The researcher first sends his/her research work or scientific article for a preliminary evaluation by the Editorial Board
Step 2
The duration of the preliminary evaluation is 20 to 30 days
Step 3
The researcher receives a notice of acceptance or refusal to proceed to the next step which is the review of the article or research by the Scientific Committee
Step 4
The researcher sends the review rights of his scientific article, so the article will be sent to the members of the Scientific Committee for official review
Step 5
The researcher receives after 20 days the results of the examination (Accepted / Accepted with minor corrections / Accepted with major corrections / Refused)
Step 6
The article will be published in the following issues (according to the evaluation report of the scientific committee)
Step 7
The researcher receives a certificate of publication duly signed by the Director of the Journal

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